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Batam City as a city that consists of small islands that have natural fascination that will spoil you with various tourism locations, each of has a unique and different appeal. So that,  it will make sure you are not bored to always explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Batam City. In a sports event titled BP Batam Barelang Marathon 2018 which will be held on October 7th  2018 at Dendang Melayu, Barelang Bridge Batam. Barelang stands for Batam, Rempang, Galang which is an area connected  by six bridges. There are so many kind of tourism sites in this area, here are the following sites of tourism near Barelang :

  1. First Barelang Bridge

The first Barelang Bridge or better known as Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge. This bridge is an iconic tourist location of Batam City. Where there is a tagline from the people of Batam that says “You have never been to Batam, if you haven’t visited the Barelang Bridge.”  The bridge is often identified as a mini version of The Golden Bridge of San Francisco. If you want to enjoy the vast expanse of sea, this place is suitable for those of you who like to hang out with family, friends, and colleagues. For those of you who want to capture interesting moments during a visit to this location, Dendang Melayu Park is now built which is located before bridge 1. From this park you can taste typical snacks of Batam with sea view and also enjoy the sunset from this location.

  1. Vio Vio Beach

This beach is located at Bridge 5 of Barelang or known as The Tuanku Tambusai Bridge. Vio Vio Beach has a wide expanse of white sand and is also equipped with facilities such as gazebo for those of you who want to relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the beach. For those of you who like to capture beautiful moments by taking photos, this beach also provides wooden swings that are on the beach and other photo spots such as  I love You-shaped boards and wooden foothpath decorated with colorful umbrellas on top which is so instagramable.

  1. Mirota Beach

Not far from Vio Vio beach, you also will find Mirota Beach. This beach also has a stretch of white sand with a cluster of red rocks that are arranged on the beach adding the beauty of this beach. Besides that, this beach has the color of Tosca green sea water. And now Mirota Beach has lodgment with a beautiful sea view.

  1. Pa Auk Tawya Vipassana Dhura Hermitage

This hermitage is located on the Sultan Zainal Abidin Bridge or Barelang Bridge 4. Pa Auk Tawya Vipassana Dhura Hermitage is located on a hill, visitors must walk along 196 stairs. Nevertheless, you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and refreshing breeze. Also a gazebo with a Buddha statue. There is footpath that often used by people to take a selfie and it makes this monastery famous on social media.

  1. Ex Camp Vietnam

In addition to nature tourism, Batam City has a historical tourist site. Camp Vietnam in Galang Batam is former place of refugees from Vietnam in the period 1976-1996. Camp Vietnam has a number of buildings including the Old Church, The Museum of Humanity which includes documentation contain refugees data, various equipment that they used while living in refugee camps, replica of a ship, and other buildings that have historical value. Camp Vietnam is located on Balang Island which is almost at the end of the last Barelang bridge.

  1. Bismillah Hill

If you want to try different sights to do photo sessions or just enjoy the expanse of green grass like a tapestry rug with a vast ocean view and the road as if being out of the country, then Bukit Bismillah is the answer. Recently Bismillah Hill became one of the favorite places that young people loved to take pictures express themselves and upload to social media. Bismillah Hill is located before Barelang Bridge 5 where you will find a board with the inscription of Bismillah Hill.

  1. Cakang Beach

This beach is located at the end of Batam City, especially in Galang Island. On this beach there is a reference point of  Batam maritime boundary. This beach is decorated with typical beach plants such as mangrove plants. This beach is also decorated with the composition of beach rocks which add the beauty to this beach. To go to this beach, visitors must descend the stairs first. In addition, to playing with the family while relaxing, the beach is also equipped with swings and there is also a restaurant built by local residents. There is also a yard with seating to enjoy the beauty of the beach with a shady atmosphere surrounded by trees that grow along the court.

  1. Mubut Darat Island

Do you want to feel the sensation like a celebrity private island? Mubud Darat Island  can be choice as one of the tourist destinations if you visit Batam City. With a vast expanse of white sand fitted with gazebo with colorful ornaments, the island is perfect for you who want to spend time with family and partners. To visit this island you have to cross from Sembulang with an estimated time around 15-20 minutes using a pompong vehicle managed by local residents.

  1. Abang Island

Abang Island is now one of the favorite tourist destinations for visitors who want to experience the sensation of vacationing on the island without the hustle and bustle like the beach in general. To go to this island, visitors must pass through bridge 6 or known as The Raja Kecik Bridge. This island is now starting to be visited by many tourists because there are many travel agents offer to visit this place. Visitors will be presented with a view of the underwater, and nature that is still not much touched so it is still original. Do not forget if you want to visit this place, always keep the cleanliness and beauty of nature.

  1. Ranoh Island

Do you want to feel the beauty of Batam undersea? Snorkeling and diving? Then Ranoh Island is the right choice for you. Expanse of white sand with a fairly long coastline and sea water tosca green which adds to the natural beauty of Ranoh Island. There are also gazebos and chairs for relaxing and sunbathing as well as various choices of water sports and seaforest. This island is still on the same locations with Abang Island. And to visit this island, visitors must pass the Barelang Bridge 6, and visitors must first register with a travel agent who collaborates with Ranoh Island.